'Sencha Saemidori' by SPILL

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Each bag contains 50g of loose leaf tea.

Shaded full-leaf saemidori
cultivar green tea farmed
by Mr Nishi-sama in Aira-gun,
Kagoshima-ken, Japan.
Harvested in spring.

Creator comments:
Produced on the foot of the
Kirishima volcanic mountain
range, the soil with plenty of
nutrition brings about the
taste of protein like beans.
Glossy emerald green leaves
kneaded into elegant needle
shape handpicked beautiful
green leaves and deep umami.

5g per serving with
250ml of 70°C water
for 60 seconds.

100% organic single estate
camellia sinensis.

Best experienced within
3 weeks of opening.

Product of Japan 
hand-packed to order
in Australia.

It's also important to note that the 'Western' tea market is a drop in the ocean for most Chinese tea producers, as they rarely produce tea for export, but rather for internal consumption. People within China are usually willing to pay more for quality tea than foreign consumers.