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We are proud to partner with like-minded businesses that want to serve memorable, delicious, sustainable and ethically-sourced coffees.

The majority of coffee consumed today is traded in a way designed to maximise the profits of roasters and cafes, at the expense of the consumer's drinking experience and the economic sustainability of coffee farmers in producing countries. Monastery Coffee does things differently.

We, along with our sourcing and cafe partners, are committed to purchasing strictly the highest quality coffees we can find - with farmers receiving significant premiums for their work - so that you can enjoy a truly unique and meaningful coffee drinking experience. Coffee doesn't have to be a commodity - it can be something more, something better. This is a movement, not just a business.

We value the artisanal over the industrial; honesty over irresponsible trading practises and people over profits. Our goal is to provide consumers the ability to opt-out of the mass-produced and instead experience something amazing with every purchase, help coffee farmers in the process and ensure there is coffee for us all in the future. Monastery Coffee are a small batch roaster of traceable coffees based in Adelaide, South Australia.

Our goal is to provide exceptional beans, expertise, training and support to help you offer an unparalleled coffee experience.

What We Offer

Bespoke Blends
We can work with you to create a bespoke blend that represents your personal tastes and brand - and provides a truly meaningful experience to your customers.

We can provide advice on and help you source equipment - being able to pass on discounts we sometimes receive being roasters. For the right fit we can provide equipment under either a rental or lease-to-buy arrangement (happy to discuss further - this is always bespoke for us as we’re quite small).

Our single origins change based on which countries are ‘in season’ - but that changeover is only every 3-6 months or so - and customers usually enjoy it as it keeps the cafe offering interesting/diverse. The seasonal blend is always available and effectively doesn’t change in flavour (despite being seasonal) throughout the year.

Training & Education
Because we work directly with farmers and importers to source only the highest quality, traceable and ethical coffee - and then expend immense effort on roasting quality and consistency (including electronic monitoring of our roast ‘profiles’ and QC on every batch) - it only makes sense to help empower baristas and our cafe partners to get the best out of the coffee! We cater training to the requirements of each customer, but it usually involves a couple of induction sessions to begin with, and then on-going monthly trainings.

Apart from premium quality of flavour/experience our other focus is on the ethics of the supply chain and we endeavour to help our wholesale partners to tell this story to their customers as easily and effectively as possible. We provide marketing materials in the form of ‘farmer cards’ - information cards (with photos) that talk about the origin of the coffee - and (as of recently) videos we are producing about the supply chain - we offer our cafe partners the ability to play these videos in-store on a TV that we provide if desired. This is again included in the wholesale price. We also love collaborating with our accounts on bespoke branding solutions (signage etc) whenever possible. For examples of our first videos: Watch Video

Community and Events
Every month we host a free public cupping (coffee tasting) - with each month being hosted by a different wholesale cafe partner. These events are not only fun and educational for customers but help to tell the story of traceable coffee to them and why by supporting our wholesale partners, customers are also supporting a sustainable supply chain and hard working coffee growers.

We also occasionally run bespoke events with our wholesale partners at their venues - these can be whatever your heart desires! All we need to get the ball rolling is coffee and creativity. Some previous events include two ‘Album Launch Parties’ with local record label Hobbledehoy Record Co, a ‘Wine and Coffee Degustation' at Siberia restaurant and an ‘Introduction to Filter Coffee’ event at F45 Super Saturday.

Contract Roasting
Wherein we can roast coffee for you (under your brand if desired) but wouldn’t include training, events, marketing materials and the like. This would include us helping you source excellent green (raw) coffee and working with you to create a house blend you really love.

Collective Roasting (Coming Soon!)
We’re in the formative stages of adapting Monastery’s roasting operation into a ‘collective roasting’ model - so our cafe accounts that would like to be more involved in the sourcing and production of their coffee (and reduce costs a bit) can effectively start roasting their own (with my guidance if requested).

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Side Note...
We have sourced tea/chocolate/chai that we genuinely enjoy and which adheres to our ethical standards and can provide these to our wholesale customers.Let me know what follow-up Qs you might have, if you’d like some samples, and where to go from here?

Our Partners
A list (map) of our accounts is available on our website (Our Family) if you’d like to try our coffee in service (and of course I can organise samples for you free of charge). Some of our wholesale partners use the Dark blend and some the Medium blend. Some run singles/filter, others don’t - feel free to ask me who uses what if there is something specific you’d like to try. Don’t forget to check up on me/our service whilst there if you stop past ;)

We would love to connect and find out more about your business and how we can work with you to provide great coffee and service.

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