Santa Monica (Cinnamon) - Colombia
Santa Monica (Cinnamon) - Colombia
Santa Monica (Cinnamon) - Colombia
Santa Monica (Cinnamon) - Colombia

Santa Monica (Cinnamon) - Colombia

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Cinnamon. White Chocolate. Baked Peaches.

Farm: Santa Moncia
Grower: Jairo Arcila
Region: Quindio
Country: Colombia
Processing: Washed (Infusion)
Elevation: 1,600 - 1,700m
Varieties: Caturra
Sourced Through: Cofinet


About This Coffee

On the same day as it was picked this coffee was transported to La Pradera - Cofinet's processing (washing) station. Upon arrival it was pulped and then underwent a dry (low oxygen) fermentation for 48 hours - during which time cinnamon was added to the coffee.

After the coffee was washed (and the cinnamon removed) the coffee was dried on raised beds. Even still the coffee retains the comforting aromatics from the cinnamon!

This micro-lot is 100% Caturra, a variety that originated in Minas Gerais, Brazil and is a natural mutation of the variety Red Bourbon.

About Cofinet

For 80 years Cofinet's family business has grown and distributed the finest Colombian coffee to local exporters. In 2015 they expanded their operations and began producing, sourcing and exporting speciality coffee to the rest of the world.

As growers themselves, they specialise in alternative fermentation processes that are new to Colombia. On their farm and in their processing centre La Pradera, the most exotic varieties are processed - achieving unique profiles that are unique for Colombian coffees.

Cofinet also represents and supports a large number of Colombian Specialty coffee growers. Their aim is to encourage direct relationships between their farmers at origin and roasters around the world. They pride ourselves on creating sustainable, ethical and long-term relationships.


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