Rafael Vinhal Lot 15 (Washed) - Brazil
Rafael Vinhal Lot 15 (Washed) - Brazil
Rafael Vinhal Lot 15 (Washed) - Brazil
Rafael Vinhal Lot 15 (Washed) - Brazil
Rafael Vinhal Lot 15 (Washed) - Brazil

Rafael Vinhal Lot 15 (Washed) - Brazil

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We hosted a Live Virtual Tasting (cupping) for this coffee!

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Coconut, pandan chiffon and fresh nectarine.

Farm: Fazenda Vinhal
Country: Brazil
Region: Cerrado Mineiro
Altitude: 980 masl
Variety: Peaberry Icatu
Processing: Double Fermented Thermal Shock Washed
Farmer: Rafael Vinhal
Sourced Through: Southland Merchants


Since 1988 Vinhal Farm has been producing very high quality coffees in the heart of Minas Gerais state, in Cerrado Mineiro Region - Brazil. Throughout this trajectory they have improved their work and adopted the best sustainability practices and respect for people and the environment. They are a family running a business and everyone who works in the farm is absolutely passionate about their coffee.

Their properties are certified by Rainforest Alliance, 4C and Certifica Minas. With great care and relying on innovative craft production, they do their best to ensure that their coffees stand out both in the domestic and foreign markets, and they are very proud of all the awards they have already won in some of the main quality contests in Brazil.

Sustainability and Quality are their main focuses - their properties (Recanto Farm and Estrela Farm) have three different independent certifications, two of them international: the Rainforest Alliance, with headquarters in the USA, and the 4C Common Code of the Coffee Community, from Germany; and one of them, national: Certifica Minas, ran by Minas Gerais state.

To achieve and maintain these certifications, they need to comply with a series of standards regarding issues such as: environmental conservation and sustainable production, good social practices and working conditions, an efficient management and control system for the entire production chain and, of course, full compliance with all current legislation. Thus, they periodically receive audits on farms to validate the fulfillment of more than 100 evaluation criteria.

How This Lot Was Processed

After being mechanically harvested the coffee cherries were washed and sorted to select only ripe cherries. They then underwent a dry aerobic fermentation for 30 hours, after which they were subject to a 'thermal shock' stage. The cherries were then de-pulped before undergoing a second fermentation (submerged anaerobic) for 190 hours. Finally the coffee was centrifuged and dried on raised beds for 16 days.

About Southland Merchants

Nadia and Andre are Brazilian, passionate coffee lovers, partners in business and life and the founders and owners of Southland Merchants. They met in 2002 in a casual setting and instantly felt connected. Within a year, they established their first company and fell in love.
Life in Brazil was great; they love the country and its people, the lifestyle and being with their families but they could not let go of the urge to venture out into the world and explore new places. Eventually they decided to embark on an adventure and to move overseas with their three girls. They wanted to find a place that would offer a bright future for their children, allow them to meet a new culture and learn another language. After a lot of research, they realised Australia would be the ideal destination.
In 2017 Australia became their new home and in the same year they arrived they founded Southland Merchants. The company supplies Australian roasters with delicious Brazilian green coffee, full of stories and passion, and connects them back to their roots.


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