Oscar Restrepo (Natural) - Colombia
Oscar Restrepo (Natural) - Colombia
Oscar Restrepo (Natural) - Colombia
Oscar Restrepo (Natural) - Colombia
Oscar Restrepo (Natural) - Colombia
Oscar Restrepo (Natural) - Colombia
Oscar Restrepo (Natural) - Colombia

Oscar Restrepo (Natural) - Colombia

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Strawberry jam on buttered toast. Chocolate.

Farm: La Divisa
Producer: Oscar Restrepo
Country: Colombia
Region: Risaralda
Elevation: 1,780 masl
Variety: Castillo
Processing: Natural
Sourced Through: HarvestTown Coffee


Oscar is a 3rd generation coffee grower who took the management of the family farm several years ago while he was studying agronomy at university.

Oscar has always been passionate about all coffee process and he saw an opportunity to start experimenting unconventional processing methods for his coffee since at that stage most of Colombian coffee was washed and not many farmers were keen to try different methods.

Ever since Oscar has been focusing on the Natural process for selected micro lots of the harvests, achieving cupping scores above 86 points on the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) scale and producing very complex and exceptional coffees with fruity and winey notes accompanied by medium acidity and body.

Harvest period:

October – January
April - June


The hand-picking is done between 6 am and 12 pm to take advantage of the sunlight.
The coffee is hand-picked and we pay some of our pickers a bit higher than normal with the only condition to pick exclusively the ripe cherries.
During the harvest period at La Divisa the picking takes place every 20 days, with this we allow the cherries to ripe properly thus obtaining a coffee with higher sugar levels.

Drying Process:

The picking finishes at 12 pm and if the day is sunny and warm, it is put into water tanks for 2-3 hours in order to remove floaters.
Once floaters have been removed, the batch is put to dry on patios without fermentation.
On the other hand, when the picking finishes but the day is cold and cloudy, the batch is put into fermentation tanks until the next day (24 hours) and after this period of time the coffee is placed onto patios for drying.
The drying process takes normally between 18 and 22 days.


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