Latte Art
Latte Art

Latte Art

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Date to be decided upon as a group once all places are filled OR book as a group of 3 and choose a date that suits you!

3 hours
Venue Argo on the Parade

A beautiful rosetta or tulip adorning your latte can make the entire coffee drinking experience that much more special. As a professional barista, being able to produce impressive latte art can help you and your coffee stand out. As a home barista, being able to reproduce the designs you see in cafes will give you a wonderful sense of accomplishment (and is a good party piece for your coffee-snob friends!).

This course will give participants the opportunity to learn the finer points of texturing (steaming) milk for espresso based drinks and consistently producing beautiful latte art. You will be learning on state of the art equipment and from an industry professional who has been teaching latte art for seven years - receiving individual attention with plenty of hands-on practice. Both basic and complex latte art patterns will be covered, along with a brief discussion of considerations to be made when using alternative milks (non-dairy).

Due to our unique training methodology this course is suited to both beginners (including those with no barista experience) and current baristas looking to refresh or improve their skill set.

If you have any questions regarding the course or are interested in one-on-one tuition or coaching for competition - please email Adam at :)

Happy learning!