Finca Cruz Loma (Natural) - Ecuador
Finca Cruz Loma (Natural) - Ecuador

Finca Cruz Loma (Natural) - Ecuador

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Milk chocolate, hazelnuts and sultanas.

Country: Ecuador
Province: Pichincha
Elevation: 1,450 masl
Variety: Caturra
Processing: Natural
Producer: Galo and Grace Morales
Sourced Through: Langdon Coffee Merchants


Finca Cruz Loma is owned and operated by siblings - Galo and Grace Morales. Located in Pichincha, San José de Minas, Pichincha, 1.5hours northwest of Quito. Finca Cruz Loma, which means ' crossing of the hill', was passed down to Galo and Grace Morales by their grandfather. The farm spans across 1200 hectares. Most of the land consists of native vegetation, including jungle and is home to various wildlife - like the elusive spectacled bear.

The size of their farm is so immense, that many parts of the land are not accessible. Many roads and paths only connect to the required amenities and buildings. There is also a large waterfall at the top of the property which overlooks the jungle area of the farm.

Galo originally started planting coffee after serving time working as a Barista and then for a green exporting business. He was disappointed by the average quality within the local Ecuadorian market and wanted to improve and experiment with processing methods. Originally this started out as a hobby on the side with his wife and sister. Today Galo is known for his unusual and funky naturals and interesting honey profiles. His sister, Grace prefers to produce only washed coffees of a more traditional cup profile.


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