AeroPress Flow Control Filter Cap

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Upgrade your Aeropress experience with the Flow Control Filter Cap. This fun new accessory for the Aeropress utilizes a pressure-actuated valve, allowing you to fine-tune your brewing process by controlling the flow of your coffee.

The Flow Control Filter Cap takes your Aeropress game to the next level.  With this cap, you can achieve an espresso-like crema in your Aeropress brews and experiment with coarser ground coffee. The best part? It fits flawlessly on all AeroPress coffee makers, including the new AeroPress Clear, and can be used with metal and paper filters.

AeroPress Flow Control Filter Cap Features

Brew control - The pressure-actuated valve lets you extend the brewing time in the Aeropress so you can experiment with new recipes and coarser grind coffees.

Crema-rich results - The added pressure during extraction lets you achieve espresso-like crema in your brews.

Compatible with all Aeropress models - No matter which Aeropress you own, the flow control filter cap will work with it!

Works with paper and metal filters - The cap is flexible and can be used with any filter you choose.

This product includes:

1 x AeroPress Flow Control Filter Cap

*Please note that filters are sold separately.


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