Meet Wholesale Coffee Partner, Helzi and Beans

Helzi and Beans was born when the owners youngest daughter, Helena who was five years old at the time, wanted to buy herself a new toy and demanded to know where money came from. They suggested that they'd help her make family quince paste and teach her to sell it at a local market so that she could collect enough for her toy.

She branded her business, 'Helzi's Kitchen' after herself, and since that day, watching Helena walk up and down the market, unloading quince paste to whoever commented she had pretty pigtails, their family has worked together growing their brand and love of their products and their customers. They got into coffee in a big way when their son, Noah was born.

Owing to the fact he only ate baked beans for at least an entire year, an obvious nickname was born - 'Beans', and thus, when the opportunity came for them to serve their local community in Flagstaff Hill - the perfect, completely un-sensible name was born: Helzi and Beans.

Helzi after their oldest child - and Beans after their crazy Heinz-loving Son.

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