Office Coffee Subscription & Marco Brewer
Office Coffee Subscription & Marco Brewer
Office Coffee Subscription & Marco Brewer
Office Coffee Subscription & Marco Brewer

Office Coffee Subscription & Marco Brewer

Sale price $95.00 Save $-10.00

bGet your very own Marco Coffee Brewer for the office and never run out of coffee again...

We've teamed up with Marco to bring your office the best subscription ever!

Ethically traded, freshly roasted coffee delivered to your door every fortnight? Couldn't be easier! Choose any combination of size and grind and we'll keep you supplied with a rotating selection of our unique and delicious light roast single origins.

We will also ship your very own amazing Marco Coffee Brewer.


How Much Coffee Is Enough

For some, it's never enough. But a good gauge would be something along the lines of this...

1kg of coffee will give you approximately 56 cups of coffee -

which on a fortnightly subscription will allow an office of five, 1 cup per day.

2kg of coffee will give you approximately 112 cups of coffee -

which on a fortnightly subscription will allow an office of five, 2 cups per day.


3kg of coffee will give you approximately 168 cups of coffee -

which on a fortnightly subscription will allow an office of five, 3 cups per day with some to spare ;)


Cost per cup equals approx. $1.16 per cup

*Size of Cup being 250ml 

NB: You can change which volume option you're on at any time.


Marco Coffee Brewer (BRUF60M)

Marco is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of high quality, innovative hot water systems and brewers. 

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What's Included:
1 x Marco Coffee Brewer (BRUF60M)
1 x Marco Airpot / Server
1 x Batch Brewer Filter Papers (100 pack)


  Dimensions (WxDxH) Dimensions: (WxDxH)  360mm D x 211mm W x 598mm H
  Capacity Capacity:  2.2L Jug
  Settings Settings:  Manual
  Power Power:   10amp Plug
 PID Temp Control  Weight:  8kg


Terms and Conditions of Promotion

This Marco promotion is open to Australian residents with a limit of 1 per household/office. Eligible customers may not vary the terms of the agreement.

The Marco Coffee Brewer (BRUF60M) will be supplied during the promotion.

 You must purchase the Marco Coffee Brewer (BRUF60M) over 26 fortnights which is inclusive within the $95/$160/$225 fortnightly subscription fee – total cost $2470/$4160/$5850 (inc. GST).

The Marco Coffee Brewer (BRUF60M) will remain the property of Monastery Coffee Pty Ltd until the full subscription is paid, or the early termination penalty fee is paid by the customer at which point ownership will transfer to the customer. 

If you decide to cancel at anytime or are unable to make payments prior to the conclusion of the full 26 fortnights, you will have 14 days to return the Marco Brewer in its original box with accessories to 11 Petrova Avenue, Windsor Gardens, SA, 5087. If the brewer is found to be damaged, missing parts or not in working order, you will be charged the full replacement price as found on our website. You are responsible for all associated costs for shipping and returns. 

The Marco promotion does include a fortnightly delivery (26 in total) of Monastery Coffee beans (excluding any relevant shipping fees). If the customer elects to pay the early termination fee prior to the conclusion of the 26 fortnight subscription, the supply of coffee will be terminated upon notification from the customer.

A Direct Debit payment will be processed through Recharge against your selected credit card of $95/$160/$225 per fortnight for 26 iterations – total cost $2470/$4160/$5850 (inc GST), defined as the subscription fee. A $5 penalty fee will be charged for each occurrence of a rejected transaction which may include insufficient funds or card details have changed as the cause of the rejection. 

Once 26 iterations have been completed, you will roll onto our single’s subscription unless notified by you. The ongoing subscription will be $65/$130/$195 (inc GST) for 1kg/2kg/3kg respectively of coffee per fortnight (excluding relevant shipping fees).

Debt Collection Agencies:
If paying by Direct Debit, upon default by you in regard to any obligation under this Agreement and failure to remedy the default after notification by us (Monastery Coffee Pty Ltd):

a) you authorise Monastery Coffee to notify any debt collection agency of the default;

b) Monastery Coffee may, at its sole discretion terminate the agreement at which time the full outstanding balance for the remainder of the minimum term or payments (including any current arrears) shall be due in full; and

c) you authorise Monastery Coffee to add to the outstanding debt a fee of $50 and an amount equivalent to 25% of the full outstanding balance (being Monastery Coffee's expenses reasonably incurred in collecting the debt) upon initial referral to the debt collection/credit reporting agency. 

By using this website, and the services and goods offered by Monastery Coffee you agree to our 'Terms of Service' and 'Shipping and Returns Policy' as can be found on our website.

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