Luna Bermudez (Gesha) - Colombia (Limited Release)
Luna Bermudez (Gesha) - Colombia (Limited Release)
Luna Bermudez (Gesha) - Colombia (Limited Release)
Luna Bermudez (Gesha) - Colombia (Limited Release)
Luna Bermudez (Gesha) - Colombia (Limited Release)
Luna Bermudez (Gesha) - Colombia (Limited Release)

Luna Bermudez (Gesha) - Colombia (Limited Release)

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N.B. Regarding the discount: unfortunately the vacuum packaging on this lot was compromised and by the time we came around to releasing it the green had started to show some signs of fading/age. It's still a lovely coffee expressing good varietal and processing typicity, not an accurate representation however of what it could have otherwise been.

Shortbread, lime and peach lollies.

Farm: El Paraiso
Producer: Diego Samuel Bermudez Tapia
Region: Piendamó, Cauca
Country: Colombia
Processing: Deconstructed Fermentation Washed
Elevation: 1,930 masl
Varieties: Gesha
Sourced Through: Direct with Josie Coffee


About Diego Bermudez & Finca el Paraiso

Diego started the Finca El Paraíso coffee growing project in 2008 on his parents' farm, located in the municipality of Piendamó, Cauca and although his family farm was not a coffee farm, it taught him to work hard and get ahead with "passion and tenacity".

"He got to know coffee growing with some friends and began to dream of a better future."

While he was studying Agricultural Business Administration he paid for his studies by selling his coffee in cooperatives and began to innovate in coffee growing and processing. With his brother Alexander Bermúdez and his cousin Cristian Zúñiga they decided in 2015 to enter their coffee in a regional contest - where they won first place! Recognition that encouraged them and helped them gain visibility within the world of the specialty.

With the aim of making coffee better they started a company called Indestec, where they began to innovate in machinery for drying and processing coffee. Indestec is a consolidated company focuses on innovation and technological development for agriculture, where machinery is not only improved, but also created from scratch. It has a team of professionals who support the vision of the company with the leadership of the Bermúdez family. Indestec and Finca el Paraíso are partner companies that work together to make specialty coffee a repeatable and memorable experience.

About This Lot

This gesha lot is named after one of Diego's daughters - Luna and is a 'leachate recirculation' coffee. First, after picking, the cherries are fermented in bioreactors, after which the liquid left behind (leachate) is retained. The coffee is then pulped and the leachate is added back to the (now pulped) coffee for another stage of fermentation, after which the coffee undergoes a thermo shock stage. Finally, the drying stage is mechanical, during which air is circulated at a temperature of 35 degrees celsius and relative humidity of 25%. Once the coffee reaches a target humidity of 10.5% the coffee is then bagged (in a GrainPro) and left to stabilise for 15-30 days before export.


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