Fazenda Roseira (Natural) - Brazil
Fazenda Roseira (Natural) - Brazil
Fazenda Roseira (Natural) - Brazil
Fazenda Roseira (Natural) - Brazil

Fazenda Roseira (Natural) - Brazil

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Milk chocolate, hazelnuts and wine gums.

Farm: Fazenda Roseira
Grower: Leda Aparecida and Jose Edvaldo
Country: Brazil
Region: Mantiqueira de Minas
Altitude: 1,000 - 1,200 masl
Variety: Red Catuai
Processing: Aerobic Natural
Sourced Through: Southland Merchants


Roseira farm is located in the municipality of Lambari, which lies on the south of Minas Gerais state in the Serra da Mantiqueira region. This region holds the Perpetual Indication Seal granted by the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI), which guarantees the origin of the coffee. With an average altitude of 1,200 masl, a mountainous terrain and a distinct climate, they have all the favourable conditions for the production of specialty coffee.

The region encompasses a network of small scale coffee growers positioned along the mountain slopes. Growers in this area have a strong community network and a clear focus on environmental growth and sustainability. Because of these practices, Serra da Mantiqueira is highly regarded for the production of rare and surprising coffees.

The growers, Leda and Jose Edvaldo, received a plot of land from the farmer to whom they used to work for before. After that and inspired by their natural environment, they started to cultivate specialty and sustainable coffees. It has already been twenty years of great dedication producing coffee at Roseira farm. Their commitment to maintaining sustainable farming practices is a high priority. They really strive to preserve their diverse surroundings of natural springs and forests, while producing their high quality coffee.

The harvest of their Red Catuai, Mundo Novo and Yellow Bourbon varieties are made by a selective picking process. The cherries are only picked when they are ripe, by hand and over cloth, to avoid contact with the ground. On the same day of the harvest, the cherries are placed into sacks and transported to the concrete patio, where they are naturally dried under the sun.

Leda and Jose ensure the cherries are stirred several times a day until they reach the ideal moisture content. This meticulous process imparts a rich and fruity flavour to the coffee beans and adds to the body of the coffee. In 2020, with Southland's commitment to buying their coffees and supporting them on the operation, they were  able to build their own processing facility and now they are processing their coffees in their own farm! “Southland has become a very important partner to us,” says Leda.

About Southland Merchants

Nadia and Andre are Brazilian, passionate coffee lovers, partners in business and life and the founders and owners of Southland Merchants. They met in 2002 in a casual setting and instantly felt connected. Within a year, they established their first company and fell in love. Life in Brazil was great; they love the country and its people, the lifestyle and being with their families but they could not let go of the urge to venture out into the world and explore new places. Eventually they decided to embark on an adventure and to move overseas with their three girls. They wanted to find a place that would offer a bright future for their children, allow them to meet a new culture and learn another language. After a lot of research, they realised Australia would be the ideal destination. In 2017 Australia became their new home and in the same year they arrived they founded Southland Merchants. The company supplies Australian roasters with delicious Brazilian green coffee, full of stories and passion, and connects them back to their roots.


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