Engenho Farm (Natural)- Brazil
Engenho Farm (Natural)- Brazil
Engenho Farm (Natural)- Brazil
Engenho Farm (Natural)- Brazil

Engenho Farm (Natural)- Brazil

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~Rocky road, plum and praline~

Farm: Engenho
Country: Brazil
Region: Mantiqueira de minas
Altitude: 1100 masl
Variety: Yellow Bourbon
Processing: Natural
Farmer: Jose Ronaldo Junqueira Dias
Sourced Through: Southland Merchants


In the heart of Brazil, the 240-hectare Engenho Farm is a testament to the Carneiro family's commitment to producing exceptional coffee. Acquired in 1954, the farm has been nurtured through generations, landing in the capable hands of José Ronaldo, a coffee enthusiast and skilled heart surgeon. Despite his medical pursuits, José Ronaldo manages the farm with the same passion and precision that define its legacy. Engenho stands out due to its strategic location. The region experiences a well-defined dry season, crucial for coffee harvesting. The unique combination of altitude, topography, and soil composition creates an ideal environment for the slow maturation of coffee beans, resulting in distinctive flavours.

Diverse Coffee Varieties:
Cultivating a variety of coffee types—Yellow Bourbon, Red Bourbon, Catuaí, Acaiá, Icatu, and Catucaí—Engenho chooses each for specific traits suited to local conditions. This diversity ensures a resilient crop, resistant to diseases, and bursting with distinct flavors.

Sustainability in Action:
Engenho isn't just about coffee; it's about environmental care. Fenced water mines and ongoing tree planting showcase the farm's commitment to sustainability. This dedication extends to the community's well-being, with initiatives like assisting in employee transportation.

The Coffee Processing Journey:
Engenho's coffee processing is a meticulously crafted journey. From natural to pulped natural, washed to natural fermented, the beans undergo careful processing on patios and mechanical dryers.

About Southland Merchants

Nadia and Andre are Brazilian, passionate coffee lovers, partners in business and life and the founders and owners of Southland Merchants. They met in 2002 in a casual setting and instantly felt connected. Within a year, they established their first company and fell in love. Life in Brazil was great; they love the country and its people, the lifestyle and being with their families but they could not let go of the urge to venture out into the world and explore new places. Eventually they decided to embark on an adventure and to move overseas with their three girls. They wanted to find a place that would offer a bright future for their children, allow them to meet a new culture and learn another language. After a lot of research, they realised Australia would be the ideal destination. In 2017 Australia became their new home and in the same year they arrived they founded Southland Merchants. The company supplies Australian roasters with delicious Brazilian green coffee, full of stories and passion, and connects them back to their roots.


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