Yellow plastic squeeze bottle filled chocolate sauce.
Chocolate sauce dripping from a yellow plastic squeeze bottle onto vanilla ice-cream.

Birdsnake Strange Magic

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Birdsnake's first ever choco sauce!

Made with 45% Ecuadorean Cacao, Raw Sugar & Organic Coconut Oil.

Drown your pancakes, cereal, morning oats or sorrows.
Or simply squeeze into your face!

And yes, it does harden on ice-cream, just like your childhood favourite <3

Soy & Gluten Free, Vegan, Non-GMO, No Emulsifiers No Artificial Colours, Flavours or Preservatives.

This cocoa comes from Guayas in the South West of Ecuador. The team loves the way these beans hold fruity and deep fudge notes.

It is rich and rounded, just like the monopoly man.

Birdsnake are a bean to bar company, based in Fairfield, Melbourne. Bean to bar is a small but growing market in Australia. This means that they roast cacao seeds, and then process them into chocolate in house as opposed to sourcing pre made liquor from overseas.

Because of this, they have more control over the flavour of the bars they produce, and know where the beans came from, who produced them, the process during the production and most importantly, how much the producer was paid.

There are serious problems with the Cacao industry. At Birdsnake Chocolate, the goal is to assist by sourcing cacao from producers they have direct communication with, and paying them a much more motivating price that is not related to the commodity market.

Their aim is to grow and eventually be able to work with more and more producers, and offer a delicious alternative to cheap, non-ethically sourced chocolate.

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