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Black Tea (Kenyan Milima, Kenilworth, Assam Dejoo). 250g.

Sourced and blended by Australian Tea Masters in Geelong.

Blended by a Tea Master for Tea Masters. Tea Master’s Breakfast is a vibrant breakfast blend of Kenyan Milima, Kenilworth from Sri Lanka and Assam Dejoo from India. These blended black teas are a perfect complement to your morning ritual.

Australian Tea Masters is the leading organisation for tea training and tea education in Australasia.

Tea Master Sharyn Johnston founded the organisation in 2011 as its director, and is a specialist business executive with over 25 years of global training experience. Sharyn has worked with some of the world’s leading tea experts to develop the training material used in the Australian Tea Masters Certified Tea Master course.

They are based locally in Victoria, Australia and host training at venues throughout Australasia as well as throughout the globe. They aim to make our tea courses as accessible as they are informative and engaging.

Australian Tea Masters also strives to provide high-quality tea news and information to the general public through free initiatives such as their newsletter Leaf Hunter, and our social media campaigns.

Their aim is to increase the knowledge about and presence of tea in the Australasia region, and they do so by linking in with as many professional educators within the tea industry as possible, as well as working with tea boards all around the world. They want to create a strong professional tea network to enable this corner of the globe to have the highest international standard in tea education.

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