Pour-over Brew Guide

Before you start you will need:

  • Pour-over cone
  • Paper filter
  • Tea spoon
  • 21g of (delicious) coffee
  • Pouring kettle
  • Scales
  • Serving vessel
  • Grinder (optional)


  1. Grind coffee to a texture between caster and raw sugar.
  2. Place a paper filter into the pour-over cone and the pour-over cone onto the serving vessel. Pour freshly boiled water through the pour-over cone (wetting the whole filter). Once done, remove the pour-over cone and empty out the water. This is to ensure the there is no taste of paper when the coffee is brewed.
  3. Place the pour-over cone and the serving vessel on the scales. Tare the scales.
  4. Add 21g of ground coffee to the pour-over cone. Lift the pour-over cone and tap the sides to create an even bed of coffee. Pour 60g of freshly boiled water onto the ground coffee. With a teaspoon, stir the water and grounds gently, getting down to the bottom of the bed of coffee. Wait for around 35 seconds to let the water drip through.
  5. Pour freshly boiled water evenly over the surface of the coffee up until you reach 350g on the scales. When doing this, keep the jug at the same height and move in a circular pattern. With the teaspoon gently swirl the top of the water once. Once water has drained to about half-way down the pour-over cone, gently pick the cone up and carefully swirl the whole thing two or three times, then gently tap it down. This helps ensure there is an even extraction. Place it back on the jug and let it drain completely
  6. Take off the pour-over cone, pour the coffee into your favourite cup and enjoy!


  • If you find the coffee is somewhat weak/sour/watery then the coffee may be under- extracted, grind finer next time.
  • If you find the coffee bitter/astringent/ bland then the coffee may be over-extracted, grind coarser next time.