2023 South Australian AeroPress Championships: WINNERS and RECIPES (WAC)

Comp Coffee Used:
South Australian AeroPress Comp Champs
(Recipes As Written By Winners)
18g dose ground on 20 clicks on the Comandante.
Water at 87 degrees.
I used the inverted method, added 180ml of water to the coffee and stirred vigorously for 1 minute. I then added the cap to the AeroPress with 5 rinsed filter papers, and flipped the AeroPress onto a chilled stainless steel milk jug. I waited another 30 seconds and started to press the coffee out. With light pressure, I pressed for about a minute.
I cooled the beverage down by pouring it between 2 milk jugs. When the beverage had cooled to about 60-65 degrees, I served it up and added water to make the beverages total weight to 150g."
Water Chemistry:
"The water I used is from our RO unit at b3
We use BWT to remineralise the water with magnesium, calcium and sodium bicarbonate. 
Our water sits at about 40ppm
With the 40ppm water, I added a further 30 ppm of magnesium and 15 ppm of potassium bicarbonate to bring my total water hardness up to 85 ppm.

Veneziano Coffee Adelaide

Sort coffee for defects.
Grind 20g on Comandante 20 clicks
Sieve to remove fines under 200 microns.
18g dose into AeroPress.
AeroPress in upright position.
2 filter papers unrinsed.
Water 80 degrees.

AeroPress placed over frozen metal jug.
Spiral pour 140g water .
Add plunger and push down then release to create vacuum.
Move AeroPress to second server jug.
At 1:15 press for 30sec.
Combine chilled extract and pressed brew to make 115g of concentrate.
Bypass with 55g of 60deg water.

TDS 1.4

Water Chemistry:
40ppm Magnesium.
40ppm Calcium.
15ppm Potassium Bicarbonate 


Renz Anicete
Peregrine Corporation: OTR C Coffee


Coffee sorted for defects
Weight: 18g
Brew water: 195g
Water Temp:
First: Set to 84 degrees
Second: Set to 94 degrees
Brew Method: Inverted
Grinder: 25 Clicks @ Comandante
Filter: Double filter rinsed

1. Add 18G coffee to AeroPress and Level. Tare the scale.
2. Start the time and brew 30ml water @ 84 degrees set.
3. Gently stir 10 times 'til 30 secs.
4. Pour 115ml water @ 84 degrees 'til 40secs.
5. Gently stir 5 times 'til 50secs.
6. Add filter cap with the double rinsed filter.
7. Release the air gently 'til 1:10 secs then flip to decanter for pressing.
8. Set second water temp to 94 degrees.
9. Press slowly for 30secs 'til 1:40secs.
10. Cool down by continuously swirling the decanter 'til 2:30secs.
11. Bypass with 50ml waster @94 degrees.
12. Serve.

Water Chemistry:
40.1g Buffer (Alkalinity)
51.2g Mg
908.7g Distilled Water


Many thanks to our sponsors who helped put this competition together and made it such an enjoyable night of brews :)
Southland Merchants, Adelaide Roasting Collective,  Alternative Dairy Co., Coffee Tools Distributors, Penny Spent Brewing and Orenda Goodnes Distributing.