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Gedebe (Natural) - Ethiopia

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White chocolate, dried cranberries and baked apple.

Washing Station: Chelchele
Region: Gedeo, Yirgacheffe
Country: Ethiopia
Processing: Natural
Elevation: 2,200 - 2,400m
Varieties: Dega, Kurmi & Welisho
Sourced Through: Upstream Imports & Ethio Gabana


Taking its name from Gabana Mountain, a peak standing proud on the horizon throughout the Oromia region in west Ethiopia, Ethio Gabana pays tribute to a powerful sense of place. These lands are the birthplace of coffee. Their natural elements foster fundamental gifts, both environmental conditions and gifts of culture: a living tradition so rich and tenacious, the celebration of which is a celebration of life itself. It’s the passion of these families embodying this tradition that Ethio Gabana bring to celebrate with the world.

Providing ongoing training, certifications and thereby increasing their premiums, Ethio Gabana partners with farming families local to their washing stations that share an upmost commitment to producing their land’s highest quality coffees. Chelchele Wet Mill Station in Gedebe District of Gedeo Zone, brings together 488 small farm holders from Chelchele and Kore villages in SNNPR.

Sourcing only from a selection of coveted varieties endemic to the area, coffee trees of Dega, Kurume and Welisho are commonly intercropped beneath mango, avocado and false banana. Innovation on the shoulders of generations of coffee farming, best practices are second nature in all areas, including organic composting and water conservation.

During harvest, multiple passes are necessary to ensure cherries are only picked when perfectly ripe.
For their natural processed lots, cherries delivered to the washing station are soaked to remove any floaters. From the tanks, they are transferred to raised drying beds and further graded for visible defects by hand.
A natural processed lot can spend up to 3 weeks spread across the beds, being carefully turned, protected from the night’s humidity and shaded from the hottest period of each day.
The patience and hard work of these families is a labour of love. Their dedication to delivering cups with exhilarating aromas and flavours of immense complexity is a legacy to be revered and indeed celebrated together.

About Ethio Gabana

Ethio Gabana is a specialty coffee company founded in Ethiopia by Ethiopians. Their dream is to share the taste and tradition of Ethiopian coffee with the world while sharing the value with the people who grow it.

Established in 2019 in Addis Ababa, Ethio Gabana takes its name from a mountain in the western coffee region of Ethiopia. They source specialty coffee from the finest growing regions in Ethiopia, with six washing stations in West Guji and Gedeo in the southern coffee heartlands and a plantation, Anderacha, in the southwest. They partner with the very best suppliers and farmers in each region to produce top-grade quality coffee in some of the country’s most sought-after varietals. Each of their sites is located in a different zone and produces its own unique coffee.

In Ethiopia, the roasting, grinding and drinking of coffee form part of a ceremony, in which people gather together to experience the spectrum of sights, sounds and aromas that accompany the preparation of a perfect cup, before enjoying the results in company. Ask any Ethiopian and they will tell you this is how coffee should be drunk. Respect the coffee, celebrate its journey from bean to brew and share the experience with people you love.

"For us, it’s not just about the diverse and exhilarating flavour profiles that Ethiopian coffee provides. It’s about the sense of reverence and community that comes with every cup. This is the attitude that we at Ethio Gabana want to share with the world."


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