Tricolate Brewing Kit

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GrindBrew and Sip... all from the comfort of your home.

Designed for the mobile coffee lover.  

This kit has everything you need to start brewing amazing coffee anywhere. Perfect for someone commencing their coffee journey, or a seasoned brewer.

This Kit Includes
Tricolate Filter Coffee Brewer
Porlex Mini II Coffee Grinder
Your Choice Of Any Bag Of Monastery Coffee Beans

Grind: Porlex Mini II Grinder (made in Japan)
With its newly designed burr set, the Porlex II can grind beans easier, faster, and more evenly. This results in fewer fines, fewer boulders, and more even grounds. Compared to the Porlex I, this grinder can produce roughly 1.3 times more coffee with the same number of rotations.

Brew: Tricolate (Includes 100 filters)
The new way to brew and enjoy coffee - The Tricolate device has a number of innovative features that separates it as the most advanced filter coffee brewer yet.

Sip: Your Choice Of Monastery Coffee
Take your pick from our tasty range of ethically traded, freshly roasted coffees.

When picking your coffee, leave us a note at checkout!


Oh, and of course, there is free shipping on all kits ;)

-MC <3

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