Peak Water Jug Replacement Filters (Pack of 2)

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Peak Water Filters feature a premium dual-ion resin, coupled with carbon filtration, designed to tackle a variety of tap waters around the world.

These filters are fully recyclable with regenerable duel-ion resin.

Pack of 2 filter cartridges. For use with Peak Water Jug.

How To Use:

To prepare the filter cartridge, soak the filter in tap water for 10 minutes.

NOTE: This soaking process should be completed with every new Peak Water Filter Cartridge.

When your Filter has come to the end of its life, you will need to remove and replace it with a fresh one. Here’s how:

Simply hold the dial in the RELEASE position, remove the Lid and use the ring pull to lift the Filter up and out of the Liner.

NOTE: Remember to prime each new Filter, as outlined above.

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