Peak Water Jug

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The world’s first adjustable gravity-fed water filter designed specifically to optimise brewing water for coffee making.

You could say it was a ‘watershed’ moment for the coffee industry when three-time UK barista champion Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood and PhD chemist Christopher Hendon co-wrote the book ‘Water for Coffee’ in 2015. The book highlighted the very real effect of water quality on the result in the cup.

Lively discussions abounded both at professional specialty coffee events and online, culminating in a sort watery milestone last week when a dedicated water forum was established as part of the influential online community The book also set the stage for a variety of water treatment products, like Aquiem and Third Wave Water, which have since emerged to help people manage this fundamental variable more effectively.

Now Colonna-Dashwood and Hendon have returned to make another splash (as it were), with their Peak Water jug offering. Drawing on their knowledge and the perspectives originally offered in the book, they have created a handy, cost-effective household-style filter pitcher which aims to transform regular tap water into something closer to ideal for brewing coffee.

The Peak Water Jug comes with:

- Jug Body
- Liner
- Lid & Bypass Pin
- Filter Cartridge
- 2x Water Test Strips
 Jug size: 220mm (L) x 270mm (W) x 110mm (D)

Water Chamber: holds 1.2ltrs of filtered water

Weight: ~450g

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