Rectangular green and red pouch containing birdsnake chocolate from Ecuador.
Rectangular red and blue pouch containing birdsnake chocolate from Tanzania.
Blue and red box of Birdsnake chocolate bar resting against a gold jar.
Large green cacao pod hanging from a tree in the middle of a jungle.
Dark brown block of Birdsnake chocolate laying upon a sheet of white paper.
Multiple blocks of dark brown chocolate melting in a large silver pot.
Man holding a wooden broom amongst a floor full of cacao beans.
Round dinner plate on a wooden table with little pieces of dark brown chocolate on it.
Rectangular red and yellow pouch containing birdsnake chocolate from Madagascar.
Rectangular red and pink pouch containing birdsnake chocolate from Peru.
Rectangular purple and yellow pouch containing birdsnake chocolate from Colombia.

Birdsnake Single Origin Bars

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Ingredients: Cocoa Beans, Organic Cane Sugar, Cocoa Butter. May Contain Traces of Nuts.

Soy & Gluten Free, Vegan, Non-GMO, No Emulsifiers, No Artificial Colours, Flavours or Preservatives.

Tanzania 70%

Tasting Notes: Strawberry Yoghurt, Hazelnut, Cream
Region: Kilombero Valley, Morogoro Region
Producer Type: Privately owned Fermentary & Social Enterprise
Farm: Kokoa Kamili
Fermentation: 3 Tiered Boxes, 6 days
Drying: Raised Beds, 4 days

Madagascar 70%

Tasting Notes: Honey, Lemon, Caramel
Region: Sambriano Valley, Madagascar
Producer Type: Approx. 410 small holder farmers
Fermentation: 3 Tiered Boxes, 4-5 days
Drying: Patio, Raised Beds

Ecuador 60%

Tasting Notes: Raspberry, Jasmine, Orange
Region: Cerecita, Guayas
Farm: Hacienda La Victoria
Producer Type: Single Estate
Fermentation: 3 Tiered Boxes, 4-5 days
Drying: Patio, 12-14 days

Peru 80%

Tasting Notes: Grape, Vanilla, Melon
Reigon: Pangoa, Junin Valley
Producer Type: Approx. 100 small holder farmers
Fermentation: 4 Tiered Boxes, 5-6 days
Drying: Patio, 12-14 days

Colombia 70%

Tasting Notes: Black Forest Cake, Mulberry, Toasted Almonds
Reigon: Ralito, Cordoba
Producer Type: Approx. 193 small holder farmers
Fermentation: 3 Tiered Boxes, 4-5 days
Drying: Raised Beds, Guardiolas

Birdsnake are a bean to bar company, based in Fairfield, Melbourne. Bean to bar is a small but growing market in Australia. This means that they roast cacao seeds, and then process them into chocolate in house as opposed to sourcing pre made liquor from overseas.

Because of this, they have more control over the flavour of the bars they produce, and know where the beans came from, who produced them, the process during the production and most importantly, how much the producer was paid.

There are serious problems with the Cacao industry. At Birdsnake Chocolate, the goal is to assist by sourcing cacao from producers they have direct communication with, and paying them a much more motivating price that is not related to the commodity market.

Their aim is to grow and eventually be able to work with more and more producers, and offer a delicious alternative to cheap, non-ethically sourced chocolate.

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